This is the section where I am expected to talk about myself… However, I have never been good at that…

I have queried photography experts about what to tell others ‘About Me’, but have received conflicting advice…

Other photographers will tell you about their favorite kind of coffee, their kids, and amazing husbands. But I don’t like coffee, and although my husband is a great guy this is for you to find out about me…

Therefore, I will simply use this space to give you a sense of how I work, and what I hope to achieve from a photo shoot. Hopefully that will help you decide if I am a photographer you would like to work with for possibly many milestones.


I am based out of Sherwood Park, Alberta. I also have a home at Pigeon Lake and enjoy shooting  in the beautiful, scenic, and natural locations it has to offer.  Settings vary from farms, and beaches, to peaceful sunrises and sets. I have a studio in my home in Sherwood Park, and will also travel to other outdoor locations.

I work with one or two assistants. They bring a diverse set of skills and are tremendous with people.  One is my husband, who excels at carrying equipment, holding reflectors, changing lenses, and accepting direction.  In addition to all this, he enjoys talking to husbands about husband things.  My other assistant is responsible for engaging babies and toddlers who otherwise are unable to be coaxed into blowing bubbles, sitting on chairs, and looking into the camera.  She has an innate ability to get the most difficult subjects to give in.  She is gentle and warm, and she is my daughter.

My objective as a photographer is to capture the essence of your children; their spirit, humor, and quiet thoughtfulness in a relaxed setting.  I want to capture your family as you see it.  Therefore, before every photo shoot I like to talk about your style and personality, and what you hope to achieve in a couple, family, pet, or corporate portrait.

I have enough experience to know that circumstances are not always predictable. A baby’s schedule, a child’s mood, and the weather are elements beyond our control.  Things don’t always work out as we plan.  However, I am patient and enjoy the challenge of an uncooperative two year old or unexpected rain cloud.

Individuals have different needs when purchasing prints. Not everyone wants exactly what is offered in a package.   Some want to display a large canvas on their wall whereas others give their portraits as gifts.  I am available for consultation to help you decide what best meets your needs.  Numerous options are available for story boards, photo books, and individually sized prints. These options can be viewed in investment. (link)

I hope this helps you understand a little bit about me. I would love to talk and answer any questions you have about what is involved in a photo shoot, what you should bring, wear and expect.  You can send me an email under contact (link) or phone me with inquiries.